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Ming Management is a model agency specialized in scouting and international placements. It is probably the main scouting & placement agency in Brazil.

Its mission consists in constantly work to find new faces, get them prepared and launch them internationally, managing their careers all over the world, on all continents.

It is headed by Ming Liao Tao, who along the last 3 decades combines his gift as a scout, his knowledge of Human Anatomy and his passion for Fashion & Beauty to discover, prepare, launch and guide potential young people who believe and bet their dreams, turning them into models of international level.

Our differentials, besides the great experience and reputation built along the years, is the closest relationship we maintain with the best agencies in the world, enabling our models to be in contact with the major clients. Also, we strive to give our models the best professional and personal support.

As we also strive to disseminate to our models the philosophy of hard working, persistence and professionalism, many of them become celebrities and professionals of recognized talent in the course of their careers. For instance, Ming Management launched the international career of models such as Reynaldo Gianecchini, Aline Morais, Raquel Zimmerman, Anna Hickmann, Débora Nascimento, Mariana Felicio, Ana Furtado, Cynthia Benini, Renata Maranhão, Juliana Didone, Carolina Parson (Chilean celebrity), Amanda Brandao, Alexandre Verga, Luana Mourato, the twins Marcos & Marcio Patriota, among others.